Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chicken Biscuit challenge

My favorite breakfast treat is the Chicken Biscuit. I've tried many of the ones out there and my 2 favorites are Bojangles and Chick Fil A. You only have 2 ingredients so it has to be right.

I have been wanting to go to Bojangles and Chick-Fil-A at try them side by side almost like a wine tasting of sort but with Chicken Biscuits! I also had a theory that if I created a Frankenstein Biscuit using a Bojangles Buttermilk biscuit (baked fresh every 20 mins) and Chick-Fil-A chicken I would have the ultimate Chicken Biscuit.

I was lucky to not to have to do this challenge on my own. I was joined by fellow Chicken Biscuit lovers: Joe and Kress. The 3 of us headed to Chick-Fil-A and bought 2 chicken biscuits to go and headed to Bojangles for some taste testing.

At Bojangles we were met by the manger who was all about us doing our Biscuit challenge. Found out the guy making the biscuits use to work at Chick-Fil-A.

So Joe, Kress and I sat down to try: a Chick-Fil-A Biscuit, a Cajon Bojangles Chicken Biscuit and the Frankenstein. As we were setting up our sandwiches Kress and I started talking about a Reverse Frankenstein (Chick-Fil-A Biscuit and a Bojangles Chicken) and so 4 entered my tray and the tasting began.

I decided to cut my biscuits in half so I would not consume 4 Chicken biscuits.

So here are my thoughts:

To me this is the OB (Original Biscuit) it was the first one I ever had and have been hooked to it thanks to Chick-Fil-A. The chicken an the breading is the key to it. I would never turn it down if offered and I continue to ask Chick-Fil-A to add it to it's lunch/dinner menu and have it available all the time.


Never heard of this place before but it opened up about a year ago and I knew that it severs Chicken and Biscuits and that it serves Chicken Biscuits all the time (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Heck they serve 6 different types of Chicken biscuits

Right there I am thinking winner winner Chicken Biscuits for dinner! I like the Cajun biscuit and their BoRounds are good stuff (but that's for another post, another day)

Frankenstein: Bojangles Biscuit w/Chick-Fil-A Chicken

This biscuit gave you Bojangels Buttermilk biscuit with ChickFilA's chicken. It is a dream team combo. Both flavors blended together. To make some awesome loving. The flavors just melt in your mouth. It's a really good biscuit.

The Reverse Frankenstein: ChickFilA Biscuit with Bojangles Chicken

In our original plans this was not thought of, but after trying it was a dark horse in final 4 biscuit challenge. Reason being. Since Chick-Fil-A biscuit is more buttery flavor than the Bojangles biscuit you get to really enjoy and appreciate the Bojangles Chicken. It makes for a really good biscuit.

So here are my final picks. If you try the biscuit challenge please let me know your thoughts.

My Final Chicken Biscuit Rankings:
1. Frankenstein (Bojangles Biscuit w/Chick-Fil-A Chicken)
2. Reverse Frankenstein (Chick-Fil-A Biscuit w/Bojangles Chicken)
3. Chick-Fil-A
4. Bojangles

Now my friend TastyChomps (Check his site here) has informed me that Popeye now sells Chicken Biscuits! So we may need to do another biscuit challenge very soon!

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  1. Seriously. You just made my night. It's around 6 pm on a Sunday and my craving for a chicken biscuit from Chikfila couldn't be any more out of reach. This random taste testing was awesome ;)


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