Monday, May 24, 2010

Deep thoughts on Gabi's birthday....

Today is Gabriella's 4th birthday. Amazing how time goes by. Usually time fly’s when you are having fun. In this case, Fun is not the operative word. In the past 4 years I have learned to live with the loss. It is true what they say that you forever grieve the loss of a child or loved one. I’ve also heard that time heals all wounds, however I think it’s more like time masks most wounds. Either way I am happy that I got to meet my little angel (even if it was for not long enough) and now that I get to experience firsts with Bella. All I can do is wonder how it would be to have both of my girls running around the house. It would be crazy and it would be AWESOME! I miss her and even though we “celebrate” on her birthday and do whatever we want on June 6th. It still doesn’t help that the pain I deal with opens up again during this time of the year.

I have a great wife and wonderful baby girl at home. I have some special family and friends, most who have no idea how to approach or deal with this after 4 years ( Don’t worry it’s tough for us too.)

Ok I’m done being emotional or deeper than most of you are use to. Hard to believe but I do have other sides you know and I am allow to be quiet and reserved.

Hope everyone has a good day today and do me a favor take a second to do something nice for someone today or take a moment for yourself and take a few deep breathes and appreciate the wonderful things you have. For no matter what we are all blessed.

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